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A connection to the natural world away from digital devices; Van Life is an example of that

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On account of Freedom Overland, numerous UAE occupants are one bit nearer to making that lifestyle a reality.

Faisal Husain has been keen on ‘overlanding’ for over a large portion of 10 years. He’s assembled vehicles, committed heaps of errors, gained from them, and kept on making changes.

When he worked out his third van, he had arrived at a defining moment. What had started as an individual task to change a vehicle into a decent unit was turning into a business.

That business: changing over Land Cruiser’s (and comparative models) into specially fabricated homes on wheels. He presently ends up with a line of customers, a workshop and display area in Al Quoz, 10 representatives and another brand to supervise: Freedom Overland, the principal organization building advanced experience vehicles in this locale.

“The thought had been underway for some time yet I never had the opportunity as I travel broadly for work,” Husain says. “Yet, with the pandemic, combined with the total stop in movement and the subsequent accessibility of time to burn, I chose to dive in and start Freedom Overland.”

It was the mind-boggling positive reaction from companions and the more extensive overlanding/going mud romping local area about his activities that urged Faisal to take the jump. “Individuals appeared to be intrigued by how I had actualized certain highlights,” clarifies Husain. “We have followed warrior jets in planning the front essence of the vehicles and that makes them totally different to anything on the international market.”

That is essential for his edge in this specialty industry. In addition to the fact that he comes from an Aeronautics and Computer Science foundation, however he has an overall eye for plan and anything to do with client experience.

Van life or “‘overlanding'” as Husain calls it, “is a lifestyle that interfaces us to something that I feel we’ve lost as a general public; an association back to the regular world away from computerized gadgets.

It’s a method to investigate this delightful planet that we live in; an approach to meet new individuals and new societies; and find that in spite of our apparent contrasts, at our center we are all very similar.”

“Current day overlanding vehicles, be they RV’s or vans, are extremely square shaped and somewhat exhausting to take a gander at. They don’t inspire the feeling of fervor that a games vehicle does.

“The Freedom Vehicles are intended to bring out a passionate reaction when you see them. We need individuals to say: “I need to drive that”. And yet, we need them to be practical also.”

Inside the Freedom Overland Cruiser, you’ll discover bunches of natural materials: characteristic pine wood on the roof and floors and mother-of-pearl in the washroom. There’s Moroccan tiles on the floor, and numerous other extravagance conveniences to make it completely working. There’s even a completely prepared kitchen, latrine and high temp water shower.

“The reaction to our Freedom Overland vehicles has been off-the-outlines,” Husain says. “We have individuals requesting that we make them accessible in the US.”

In case you’re getting tied up with the Freedom Overland lifestyle, be set up to drop an iron block of dirhams. These uniquely crafted wonders will hinder you roughly Dhs200,000 up to Dhs700,000, with different models in the pipeline including Freedom Vans and Freedom Trucks.

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