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A new exhibition featuring masterpieces has been launched in Downtown Dubai

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Foundry, Downtown Dubai’s most up to date (and coolest) community art space, has dispatched an all-new exhibition highlighting unique masterpieces.

The mixed exhibition dispatched for the current week is comprised of four areas including talented artists from across the globe.

The allowed to-enter show will be running day by day from 10am until 10pm and art lovers can investigate crafted by Harif Guzman, RexChouk, Adil Aubekerov and Kapil Bhimekar.

New York-based artist, photographer, and movie producer, Harif Guzman will make pieces at Foundry, deciphering his background on material through ‘human association’ with Dubai’s community of artists and creatives, while Dubai-based artist Kapil Bhimekar will take you on a vivid excursion with his striking pieces.

RexChouk is a self-educated artist from Jeddah and his pieces mix youth culture from the GCC with subjects of love, dejection, and fantasizes, and the expressive works of Russian artist Adil Aubekerov highlight complex pictures portraying everything from cavern paintings to current graffiti.

Foundry Studios will likewise include crafted by various artists on revolution and the initial two artists to elegance the space are street artists Gary Yong and Karim Tamerji.

Foundry likewise boasts a collaborating space, a library pressed loaded with interesting books, a charming bistro, and a podcast room so there’s a lot to see and do while you’re there.

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