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About 73 Pakistani businessmen in Dubai have been granted UAE golden visa

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Around 73 Pakistani businessmen In Dubai have gotten the UAE’s 10-year Golden Visa, said Ahmed Shaikhani, leader of the Pakistan Business Council (PBC).

“In excess of 250 applications have been submitted for the Golden Visa by the PBC individuals, and around 73 individuals have gotten the Golden Visa,” Shaikhani told media in a meeting.

He noticed that Pakistan Business Council has stepped up to the plate in participation with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Pakistan Business Council works under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber with the goals of advancing exchange, trade and speculation between the UAE and Pakistan. It comprises of a huge gathering of Pakistani finance managers, financial specialists, financial backers and experts situated in the UAE. The board individuals address organizations from different and various areas.

Up until this point, many UAE exiles of various ethnicities from different backgrounds have been conceded Golden Visa by the experts in the UAE. This incorporates doctors, engineers, students, businessmen, artists, media people, and other talented classifications. As of late, 100,000 Golden Visas were declared for the world’s best coders.

The UAE additionally granted its 10-year residency Golden Visa to Shaikhani recently.

“I feel advantaged and am thankful to the UAE administration and experts for the Golden Visa, which was a much-anticipated drive for the financial backer local area. We would now be able to zero in on business as opposed to investing energy in visa applications at regular intervals,” he added.

“Pakistanis in the UAE who are qualified for the Golden Visa should profit with this office given by the UAE government in light of the fact that there are no movement limitations for Golden Visa holders. What’s more, this is likewise an expression of appreciation for the speculations that Pakistanis have made here in the UAE,” Shaikhani said during a meeting uninvolved of an occasion held at the Pakistan Consulate, Dubai.

Around 1.5 million Pakistanis are living and working in the UAE, the second-biggest ostracize local area after Indians.


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