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According to Georgetown University, UAE holds first ranks in women’s community safety

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As per a major study by Georgetown University, the UAE holds the greatest percentage of women who feel safe in their communities worldwide.

Probably the greatest aspect of living in the UAE is the mind blowing measure of safety and security that residents experience here, so it does not shock anyone that the UAE positions most noteworthy with regards to ladies’ view of their safety in their communities and cities.

For this study, women across the world matured 15 years and more established were approached to report whether they “feel safe walking alone at night in the city or area where you live.”

In the UAE, 98.5 percent detailed having a sense of security. That is the most noteworthy rate around the world.

Researchers said estimating this safety insight was basic to ladies’ versatility and impacts their capacity to search for promising circumstances outside of the home.

The UAE recently ranked third in the world for its response to COVID-19, according to a study by news.

The COVID Resilience Ranking decides the best and most exceedingly awful nations to be in as COVID-19 limitations ease and returning accumulates pace. The UAE is behind just Ireland (which positions first) and Spain (which positions second).

newscompiles the rundown utilizing 12 data indicators across virus containment, nature of healthcare, vaccination coverage, by and large mortality and progress toward restarting travel.

The UAE has likewise been positioned as the fourth best spot for expats to live and work, click here to find out about the review.

Dubai was recently ranked the fifth best city in the world in a new report, while Abu Dhabi was voted the third most relaxing city in the world in a study.


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