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Afghanistan pavilion in the Opportunity District of the Expo found empty

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Whenever media visited Afghanistan’s pavilion at the Expo’s Opportunity District on Sunday, it looked vacant — aside from a couple of trees and plants. A few parts of the structure seemed fragmented, and there were no authorities present.

A security guard said it was at this point to open to guests and he had not seen anybody since the Expo’s opening.

The pavilion was overseen by the past Afghan government, yet after the Taliban takeover of the nation as of late, the destiny of the pavilion is muddled.

In May this year, when the past government was as yet in power, Afghan Consul-General in Dubai Masood Azizi let media know that his conflict attacked nation would feature a resurgent, strong Afghanistan at Expo 2020.

“We’ve made considerable progress in the past numerous years. Afghanistan of 2020 isn’t that of 1996. Our country pavilion will recount the narrative of expectation, participation and opportunity,” he said.

There were plans to fly the country’s all-ladies mechanical technology group to Dubai, just as feature Afghan floor coverings, saffron, valuable metals, rural items and a decent portion of the country’s legitimate culture and legacy.

During the Expo opening service, the banner of Afghanistan was in plain view.


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