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Allegation of forgery; Three businessmen from different countries are facing trial

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Three businessmen of various nationalities are confronting trial on charges of forging an official archive.

As per the Public Prosecution, the three men manufactured a power of attorney letter attributed to a judicial authority in one of the Arab nations and attempted to utilize it to defer the victim’s all in all correct to payment according to a Dubai Court administering.

The court had recently decided for the victim, a 61-year-old Arab investor, and requested two of the charged — a GCC public and an Asian — to pay him around Dh6,435,000.

The investor expressed that, after the court administering, he had left the country for Europe. While he was abroad, the legal advisor working on this issue reached him inquiring as to whether he’d given the power of attorney to a comrade (the third blamed) to drop the case and forgo his right to the payment requested by the court.

The victim denied knowing the denounced or selecting him, and expressed that he didn’t sign any report in such manner. He focused on that the said power of attorney letter was produced, as he was in Europe the day the letter was given, so the fingerprint on the archive couldn’t have a place with him.


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