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American singer Don Moen set to perform his songs in Dubai this December

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American artist lyricist and producer Don Moen is good to go to play out his songs of hope and love in Dubai this December.

Notable for his contemporary songs of love, Moen’s presentation on December 18 is part for The Dubai Shopping Festival occasions.

Don says of his own journey, “I don’t know how I wound up where I am today. I would never have anticipated it. I quality it to every one of the minuscule choices I made en route that additional up to where I am currently.”

Don’s shows and courses have taken him to Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, across Southeast Asia, India, South Korea, UAE, Qatar, Rwanda, Nigeria and numerous different nations all throughout the planet.

Today Moen lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his significant other Laura, where he is president of Don Moen Productions and spends time with his five children and 7 grandkids.

“Music can genuinely change and recuperate the world, an evening of adoration, trust and music is the thing that we need most at this point. Music is treatment and nobody better than Don who conveys it best to quiet the spirit”, said Pragna Vaya, of Orbit Events.

“This Message of trust and festivity of affection through music is genuinely necessary as of now since the world is in recuperation after the pandemic” added Rohan F. Britto, Orbit Events.

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