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based Positive Spirit Dubai Mounted Police organised a training workshop on horseback riding basics for orphans

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As a component of the Dubai Police’s community-based activity ‘Positive Spirit’, the Dubai Mounted Police, as a team with the General Department of Community Happiness, have as of late coordinated a preparation workshop on horseback riding rudiments for 15 orphans from Hemaya Schools for Boys.

The workshop, which occurred at the Mounted Police Department in Al Aweer zone, was conveyed to the energetic members by Dubai Police’s proficient mentors.

The orphans were acquainted with the nuts and bolts of horsemanship, and were given an active encounter to work in various zones, from riding and prepping to horsey expressions and playing with ponies. They were additionally prepared on saddling, bridling, riding clothing, mounting, holding the reins, right riding position, going ahead and halting, and steering.

They were additionally engaged with Dubai Police mascot Amna, who raised their attention to the prudent steps against the new (COVID-19).

The orphans stretched out their appreciation to Dubai Police for the chance that gave them happiness and joy and added a significant expertise as far as anyone is concerned.

Dubai Police Volunteer Platform: The Dubai Police Volunteer Platform offered 107 volunteering openings and saw the investment of 14,512 volunteers of 82 nationalities during 2020.

As per Captain Khalifa Al Roum, Director of Dubai Police Volunteer Platform, the platform recoded 89,758 hours of volunteer work completed by Dubai Police’s employees and individuals from the public who joined the power in its volunteering and humanitarian work.

“Dubai Police accomplished in front of the pack for the best legislative foundation supporting volunteer work during the seventeenth release of Sharjah Award for Voluntary Work for the “Volunteer Platform” project, “This is a significant accomplishment for the Dubai Police General Command and for all employees and volunteers,” he said.

Al Roum reaffirmed Dubai Police’s insight on accepting the way of life of volunteering among its employees and individuals from people in general. “Dubai Police accept that the way of life of volunteering is key in advancing practical turn of events and building a superior future for new ages,” he said.

The Dubai Police have as of late packed away six awards at the ninth UAE Ideas Awards 2020 and the fifth Ideas Arabia International Award for five inventive undertakings and activities during 2020.

Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, certified that the awards are extra accomplishments that mirror the power’s devotion to seeking after greatness and guaranteeing national security, aside from contending in international and nearby awards.

The Commander-in-Chief likewise lauded the huge endeavors made by the power’s employees, and urged them to accomplish further advancement in policing work.

The Dubai Police merited these awards in acknowledgment of its recognizable endeavors across all fields in various classifications, including “Executive Leadership”, “Client Happiness”, “Advancement”, ” Empowering National Human Resources”, and ” Promoting National Identity”.

Brigadier Ahmad Rafea, Director of the General Department of Administrative Affairs at Dubai Police, explained that Dubai Police obtained five awards for the “Zero-Customer” project, “Smart Alert System” project, “Student Internship” initiative, “Security Innovation Lab” project, and the “Dubai Civil Aviation Security Centre” certification from the ICAO.

Brig. Rafea added that Major Khalid Al Mazorui showed greatness ability in Executive Leadership category, and was perceived and awarded by Ideas Arabia International Award.

Towards the finish of a year ago, the Dubai Police General Command, addressed by the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions (PCI), dispatched a willful program through which prisoners get the chance to take part in various types of deliberate works inside the Department.

The program, dispatched under the trademark “Fina Khaer” (The Goodness Within), is endorsed by the Dubai Volunteering Center of the Community Development Authority (CDA).

It likewise fills in as an educational program to advance the prisoners’ information on this kind of respectable work and its importance to the community by enlisting them in different exercises and projects.

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