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“Despite our best efforts, we won’t be able to make the festival happen this year”; Sole DX

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The coordinators of Sole DXB have dropped the 2021 edition, without refering to a particular purposes behind the decision.

The eight edition of the festival was held in December 2019 in Dubai Design District. Last year’s edition was dropped as well.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Sole DX said, “Regardless of our earnest attempts, we will not have the option to get the festival going this year.

“We’d like just to unite the local area back u current conditions don’t permit us to assemble a show we need.

The coordinators haven’t reported any new dates or when the following edition will be held. The additional, “Sole DXB will be back, and when it is, we will make the most of it.”

The eight edition of the festival was in December 2019 pulled in a horde of more than 36,000 individuals from in excess of 60 nations. The three-day occasion praises film, design, workmanship, game and music, street style and pop culture. It has drawn in any semblance of The Wu-Tang Clan and Kerby Jean-Raymond, the founder of New York-based extravagance and ready to-wear brand Pyer Moss as well.


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