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Dubai Food Festival Round in the Corner

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New dates of Dubai Food Festival (DFF) have been announced for this year’s festival

New dates of Dubai Food Festival (DFF) have been announced for this year’s festival. It has been scheduled from March 25 to April 17.
This year the food lovers can enjoy 23 days of delicious food from a number of restaurants and events. Last year the festival lasted only for 17 days.

It is the eight year of the Dubai Food Festival. The organisers of the food festival are Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment. They will feature an exciting line-up of bespoke dining experiences and gastronomic activities including pop-ups like Etisalat Beach Canteen. Worth going for!

The focus of the festival will be on four highlights of Dubai’s food scene which are: unique restaurant, experience rich culinary diversity, authentic and homegrown cuisine, and exceptional value for money.

Tempting flavours from all over the world from world-renowned chefs and global restaurant brands to street food, food trucks and home-grown restaurants will be offered by the festival.

Some of the restaurants participating include Moshi, Noor Lounge, Al Fanar, Wagamama, Ostro Restaurant & Cafe, LDC Kitchen and Coffee and much more.

When such a festival is being organised during tough times like COVID-19, precautions are must. The festival will be closely following rules and guidance from the Dubai Government. All the activities will strictly follow all current health and safety protocols and precautionary measures.


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