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Dubai Resident’s Hardings Record-Breaking Dive

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Mariana Trench is considered as the Earth’s deepest realm. And Dubai based Hamish Harding dived into this deepest realm.

On the 5th March at 4pm, the UK explorer emerged from nearly 11km deep trench’s Challenger Deep, which is equivalent to more than 13 times the height of Burj Khalifa. The first diving was done in 1960 and since then only 18 people have dared go to the deepest known point in the Earth’s seabed.

Harding is the chairman of Action Aviation. He took the plunge in a purpose-built DSV Limiting Factor which is a two-person deep-submergence vehicle. He took the plunge with famous undersea explorer Victor Vescovo, who has already dived into trench before. It took them 12 hours before they re-emerged to the surface. This adventure is all set to make a new Guinness World Record for the ‘greatest distance travelled at full ocean depth’.

Harding and Vescovo decided to go to such a deep distance because they were on a mission: they used their submersible’s robotic arm to collect sample specimens and these will be analysed by scientists on board. They wanted to search for evidence of human pollution at the deepest point on Earth and look for new species as well.

This historic dive is dedicated to the UAE’s commitment to exploration and science by Harding. Before his record breaking dive, Harding had said, “As an explorer and adventurer, I want this expedition to contribute to our shared knowledge and understanding of planet Earth…And, in searching for signs of human pollution in this remote environment, we hope to aid scientific efforts to protect our oceans and ensure they flourish for millennia to come.”

He further said, “I’ve long been inspired by the spirit of adventure and exploration in my home country, the UAE, the feeling that anything is possible. I am proud to represent the UAE as the first resident from the Middle East to dive the Mariana Trench to the lowest point on Earth, the Challenger Deep.”

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