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Dubai’s Smart Bail system helps reduce the burden of confiscated passports

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Dubai Public Prosecution’s Smart Bail activity, under which, suspects are not, at this point expected to store their passports with prosecution, decreased the quantity of seized passports a year ago.

As per a most recent report by Dubai Public Prosecution, number of seized passports a year ago was 5,508 — a 73 percent decline, contrasted with 2017.

The activity, dispatched in 2018, permits presumes engaged with minor cases, especially crime, to acquire an electronic bail without keeping their passports or those of their underwriters with Dubai Public Prosecution. In any case, under this new system, an electronic request is given and flowed to all ports banning the suspects from leaving the country.

Essam Issa Al Humaidan, Dubai’s Attorney General, said that ‘Smart Bail’ had a positive effect on the punitive request activity as it permits associates associated with cases with crimes and minor offenses to be managed through fines instead of making them go through the court system.

In 2019, the quantity of seized passports was 10,113. In 2020, the number had dropped to just 5,508.

“‘Smart Bail’ diminished the sitting tight an ideal opportunity for clients in the bails segment by 83% a year ago to arrive at a normal holding up season of 4.16 minutes, while it was 24.55 minutes in 2017,” said Al Humaidan.

As per official statistics delivered by Dubai Public Prosecution, the COVID-19 pandemic had an observable effect on the quantity of clients visiting the bails segment. 17,037 clients visited the segment a year ago, contrasted with 28,837 clients in 2019.

The ‘Smart Bail’ activity applies on associates engaged with misdeed cases with wrongdoings like bounced checks, reviling/annoying, penetrate of trust, drinking liquor, attack and unimportant misappropriations, burglaries and other minor offenses, he explained.

As per Dubai Public Prosecution the presume associated with such minor offenses will at this point don’t be approached to give up his/her identification. In any case, the person won’t be permitted to leave the UAE until the case is settled and will be needed to go to the preliminary and different hearings identified with the examination.

The travel boycott won’t be lifted until the case is settled by the court with a last decision, which will at that point either be executed or excused by the public prosecution.


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