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EEG collected 1,500 kg of aluminum cans on the 25th Cycle of Can Collection Day

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An aggregate of 1,500kg of aluminum cans were gathered during the 25th Cycle of the Can Collection Day by Dubai-based Emirates Environmental Group (EEG). Around 200 substances — including organizations, inns, scholarly establishments and families — have taken part in the occasion that decreased 23 metric huge loads of carbon dioxide (CO2) and save 341 million warm units of energy just as 36 cubic meters of landfill space, as per EEG.

Habiba Al Mar’ashi, chairperson of EEG, said: “Since the inception of the Can Collection Campaign in 1997 as the principal local area based yearly reusing project to be dispatched in the UAE, EEG has figured out how to gather 344,216kg of aluminum cans, which has brought about a few ecological advantages like the relief of 5,167 metric huge loads of CO2, saving 8,356 cubic meters of landfill space and energy preservation of 78,338 million BTU.

“In commending the silver celebration of this national program, we offer our thanks to the UAE society and appreciate the difficult work, devotion and responsibility that have brought about the gigantic development of this program throughout the long term — both regarding number of members and the amounts gathered,” she added.

As per EEG, “the vast majority don’t understand that aluminum is an ideal recyclable material. Out of the most widely recognized recyclable materials that obstruct our landfills, like glass, paper, metals, plastics, aluminum is the solitary material that is interminably and 100 percent recyclable”.

“Indeed, it takes 95% less energy to reuse aluminum jars than extricating aluminum from its bauxite metal. Consistently, in excess of 500 million aluminum refreshment cans are sold in the UAE, however 93% of these jars end up in the landfills, which inconveniently affects the climate,” EEG noted.

Abdulnasser Bin Kalban, CEO of Emirates Global Aluminum, said: “Aluminum has a critical task to carry out in the improvement of a more economical society since it is light, solid and boundlessly recyclable. Indeed, around 75% of all the aluminum at any point made is as yet being used today. Placing aluminum in landfill is a genuine misuse of this significant material for human advancement. We are satisfied to help EEG in its work to feature how every one of us can deal with reuse aluminum cans.”

Al Mar’ashi likewise said thanks to Dubai Municipality and Dubai Tourism for supporting the program and offered thanks to Media for supporting the mission since its commencement.

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