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Emirates Sky Cargo handles essential items during Global COVID-19

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Governments and health specialists all throughout the planet are inclining up their endeavors to shield networks from COVID-19 through enormous scope vaccine carry out and it has been assessed that more than 1 billion dosages of COVID-19 vaccines have been controlled globally.

One out of each 20 COVID-19 vaccine portions regulated all throughout the planet has traveled through Dubai and has flown on an Emirates aircraft.

Emirates SkyCargo, the air cargo division of Emirates has been driving the international air cargo industry in the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines and other fundamental drug, PPE and food supplies during the pandemic.

The air cargo transporter has moved around 59 million dosages of COVID-19 vaccines to in excess of 50 objections all throughout the planet. Emirates SkyCargo has additionally moved six unique kinds of COVID-19 vaccines on its flights.

Emirates SkyCargo has a committed GDP confirmed office at its center point in Dubai utilized for putting away and transporting COVID-19 vaccines from assembling areas to an objective organization crossing six landmasses.

With its cutting edge widebody aircraft, inventive gear like Cool Dollies and specific containers, Emirates SkyCargo has had the option to securely and quickly convey around 5% of the absolute COVID-19 vaccines managed all throughout the world since October 2020.

In January 2021, Emirates SkyCargo held hands with DP World, Dubai Airports and International Humanitarian City to shape the Dubai Vaccine Logistics Alliance.

The Alliance accomplices cooperate to work with the fast vehicle of COVID-19 vaccines and related clinical supplies through Dubai to agricultural nations.

In February 2021, Emirates SkyCargo held hands with UNICEF to assist transportation of COVID-19 vaccines under the system of the COVAX office, focused on fair dispersion of vaccines to global networks.

Dubai and the UAE have kept up their driving situation at the focal point of global coordinations and supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In excess of 200 tons of drugs are shipped all throughout the planet ordinarily by Emirates aircraft, conveying fixes to global networks.

Emirates SkyCargo additionally has a specific item ‘Emirates Pharma’ for the protected and productive transportation of temperature touchy drugs.

The air cargo transporter has likewise been working intimately with ground taking care of accomplices across in excess of 30 distinct objections across the globe to give improved cause to objective temperature insurance as a component of its pharma passages program.


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