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Emirates SkyCargo crossed a major milestone with 600 million doses flown on its flights

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Emirates SkyCargo, the cargo division of transporter Emirates, has reported that it has crossed a significant achievement in the global dissemination of Covid-19 vaccines with 600 million portions flown on its flights.

Since October 2020, the carrier has moved more than 2.8 million kilograms (2,800 tons) of Covid-19 vaccines from 35 beginnings to north of 80 destinations.

“At the point when we detailed our Covid-19 distribution system in 2020, Emirates SkyCargo focused on the development of Covid-19 vaccines through our Dubai hub to developing nations. I’m glad to report that almost 66% of the all out vaccines we shipped were gone to objections in Africa, Asia and the Middle East,” said Nabil Sultan, divisional senior vice president, Cargo, Emirates.

With the expanding carry out of vaccination and booster campaigns across global markets, Emirates SkyCargo saw a consistent expansion in the interest for transportation of Covid-19 vaccines in the final part of 2021. In October and November 2021 alone, Emirates SkyCargo moved in excess of 200 million doses of vaccines, close to 33% of the absolute vaccines shipped by the transporter since the beginning of the pandemic.

Each Emirates SkyCargo flight conveyed 7,000,000 Covid-19 immunization doses. The vaccines were disseminated as follows; Asia (185 million doses), Africa (150 million doses) and the Middle East (70 million doses).

Besides, Emirates SkyCargo’s GDP confirmed pharma terminal in Chicago has dealt with in excess of 160 million doses of vaccines flown from the US to countries around the world.

Earlier this year, Emirates SkyCargo signed an agreement with UNICEF to prioritise the transport of Covid-19 vaccines, essential medicines, medical devices and other critical supplies to help fight the pandemic.

“Each and every day includes in the battle against Covid-19 and the sooner that networks can approach Covid-19 vaccines, the sooner they can control the spread of the virus and recover financially,” Nabil Sultan,Emirates divisional senior vice president, Cargo had said then.

“As a global player traveling to in excess of 130 objections, Emirates SkyCargo has been focused on the battle against the pandemic from the very early stages and we have carried out various drives to facilitate the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines through Dubai, beginning with our GDP confirmed devoted airside hub. Through our association with UNICEF, we will be finding a way one more way to focus on and work with the quick and secure development of Covid-19 vaccines especially to communities hard hit by the disease.”

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