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Following a miscarriage, Dubai doctors removed large uterine fibroids from a woman

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A half year after she experienced a miscarriage, Ijeoma Mogo fostered an enormous mass in her uterus. The 31-year-old Canadian national, who looked very nearly 30-week pregnant when she displayed at a hospital in Canada, was told she had a huge uterine fibroid that was 19cm in size, and open surgery was the solitary alternative.

Mogo then, at that point counseled doctors at Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai, who tracked down the uterine fibroid, weighing 1,095gm, was squeezing her uterus, which was causing her massive distress and agony.

As the patient previously had a miscarriage because of the uterine fibroid, she was frantic to have it eliminated in a protected way so she would have the option to get pregnant once more.

“Just by sheer ideals of the size, doctors in Canada couldn’t offer us an insignificantly intrusive surgery. My better half and I were not happy with this choice, as we were expecting to profit with the different clinical progressions that are presently accessible for such conditions,” the patient said.

This is the place where Dubai’s Fakeeh University Hospital provided to her with some much needed help. After she counseled Dr. Ghassan Lotfi, HOCD and advisor obstetrician and gynecologist, master specialist in insignificantly intrusive gynecology at Fakeeh University Hospital, she was guaranteed of a negligibly obtrusive, and a protected strategy called a laparoscopic myomectomy.

After the patient and her better half flew in from Toronto, Canada, the surgery was directed effectively and without any intricacies by the profoundly able group at the hospital.

“Such laparoscopic medical procedures on enormous uterine fibroids are trying, in the feeling of having the option to do this confounded surgery securely and without carrying any damage to the uterus or other stomach organs. For this situation, the patient could return home on the following day of the strategy and was likewise permitted to make a trip back to Canada fourteen days after her surgery,” affirms Dr. Lotfi.

He added: “This is the advantage of a laparoscopic strategy, which guarantees quicker recuperation and diminished length of stay for patients. Something that Fakeeh University Hospital has been effectively executing for its patients, making the hospital an inexorably favored medical care supplier of decision in the district and past.

Talking on why she picked Fakeeh University Hospital, she further said: “Past his experience and ability on the surgery, Dr. Ghassan Lotfi was very sympathetic, we felt truly ‘appreciated’ in the teleconsultation with him. I needed to recover financially as quickly as time permits, after the surgery, and he guaranteed us of the equivalent. These were our concluding minutes to pick Fakeeh University Hospital.”

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