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Grace Rhodes in Town

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Grace Rhodes, British artiste and Bollywood hopeful is currently in Dubai for some work projects. She is hopeful to enter into Bollywood from Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor starer Street Dance 3D.

Grace was put forward for the audition by her then agent when the Street Dancer 3D team came to London for audition. She auditioned and then straight away she was on set. The scenes were in London, central and Clapham and in a big theatre as well.

According to Grace she belongs to vide background in the field of art. She says, “I come from very much a singing, dancing and acting background. I trained in London and was working there as a professional performer.”

Grace released her debut single Me Too in September 2019 on the KondZilla platform. A track called dangerous also released in March last year and she is planning to release a new music this year as well. She was not just singing the songs but doing everything-acting, dancing, production etc.

Grace shares that she grew up with Indian friends and this friendship exposed her to Bollywood at a young age. She feels connected to the Indian culture as well.

Grace hopes to work in Bollywood but not just as a “love interest” or “foreigner girl” type of roles as she had a very good experience working in Street Dance 3D.

Grace’s desire to blend cultures through work brought her to Dubai. She say, “I’m here for management reasons, collaborations and editorial shoots… and (music-wise) what I hope to do now is create some tracks which have a fusion of culture. We’re going to work on a few things with various producers.”

In her spare time she tries to mix it up as there’s so much to do in Dubai. The she like the shopping and did quad biking in the desert. For food, she liked the small places on street corners.

Many people are avoiding travelling these days due to COVID-19. But Grace says she feels “a lot safer here” as everybody is respecting the rules and people are respectful of other people around them so the situation isn’t as bad.

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