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Here are some guidelines from the Dubai Municipality to prevent food poisoning in the summer

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The Dubai Municipality on Saturday gave cooking tips to continue to prevent food poisoning.

As per a social media post, food poisoning is brought about by eating defiled food with bacteria or parasites coming about because of mistakenly handling food and disregarding wellbeing directions

The authority offered five hints to follow to stay away from food poisoning:

1.Hygiene: Wash your hands utensils and food surfaces often

2.Food safeguarding: Store organic products, poultry, meat, seafood and eggs independently in the fridge

3.Separation: Use distinctive cutting boards and instruments for vegetables

4.Refrigerate: Refrigerate or freeze short-lived foods (products of the soil vegetables) instantly inside two hours of buying them.

5.Cooking: Cook foods to a protected temperature and keep food warm in the wake of cooking.

Side effects that could demonstrate you have food poisoning incorporate sickness, fever, diarrhoea, or stomach torment.


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