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Indian customs officers smashed Dh200k watch of Dubai traveller in six pieces

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Muhammad Ismail just returned to India from a visit to Dubai when he encountered a terrible difficulty at the Karipur International Airport.

He was going with a Dh200,000 watch on his wrist — yet next thing he knew, his Audemars Piguet was at that point on a plate, ‘smashed’ in six pieces.

Ismail was then getting back to Bhatkal in Karnataka through Kozhikode in the wake of meeting with his brother in Dubai. He was on out of the Karipur airport when customs officials purportedly halted him and requested that he take the watch off.

“They speculated I was attempting to carry gold by concealing it in the watch,” Ismail said, reviewing the trial which happened a week ago after he landed from an Air India Express flight.

“Officials took the watch in a room, where they smashed it into pieces utilizing a sledge. When nothing was tracked down, the messed up bits of watch were set on a plate and got back to me,” he said.

At the point when a shell-stunned Ismail requested that officials return his watch in its unique condition, they took it from him and offered a remuneration of Dh50,000. media has contacted India’s Karipur Airport for input, and a reaction is anticipated.

A case in such manner has additionally been documented at a police headquarters in Kozhikode and has been heightened to senior traditions officials.

The extravagance Audemars Piguet watch was a blessing from Ismail’s brother Ibrahim, who maintains a business in Dubai. “The watch has been in my family since 2017. My brother bought it for Dh226,000. Presently, it is in six separate pieces. I needed to sit tight at the airport for almost eight hours along these lines,” he said.

“I have a unique receipt for the watch, and it obviously expresses that it is worth over Dh200,000. Possibly they return that cash or return the first watch…How much gold would i be able to pirate in a watch? Officials should thoroughly consider things.”

A Kozhikode-based social laborer KM Basheer shared a video of Ismail’s difficulty on social media, which has since circulated around the web. “In such costly watches, once in a while, there will be modest quantities of gold or jewels. They could’ve held onto the watch or requested that the passenger pay obligation for it or called a professional technician to assess the watch as opposed to crushing it into pieces,” he said.

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