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Monday, September 27, 2021

interdisciplinary think tank Fiker Institute has been launched in Dubai to represent Arab world through dialogues

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Another interdisciplinary think tank – Fiker Institute – has been dispatched in Dubai. It will deliberate and make a move on issues identified with international undertakings, public policy and global governance.

Dubai Abulhoul, an Emirati author, columnist and Rhodes scholar, recently announced the establishment of the think tank.

Fiker Institute, in close collaboration with an international network of partners, has carried out six research programs, separated into both regional and thematic areas.

Through a multi-faceted methodology and an interdisciplinary framework, the think tank intends to foster a platform that flashes two-way discoursed between the Arab world and the remainder of the international community to test ideas, banter builds and advance profound intellectual understanding.

Dubai Abulhoul, the founder of Fiker Institute, said: “For far too long, our global narrative as a region has been told for us and not by us. It’s time for the Arab world to reclaim its narrative abroad. As early as 1798 — a critical year in our regional history — Arabs have been negatively depicted in Western art and in academic schools of thought. One would think that somewhere between 1798 and 2021, Western media, NGOs and think tanks would abandon these false stereotypes but unfortunately, that has not been the case. It’s time to change that.”

Abulhoul repeated that the goal is likewise to deliver state of the art research on a portion of the international community’s most pressing issues.

As an intellectual platform, the new institute openly invites thinkers, innovators, writers, poets and artists in the region, and across the globe, to engage in this new and bold dialogue.

She added: “Through Fiker Institute, we intend to address our locale abroad as well as need to share our perspectives about the remainder of the world, and to effectively add to international discussions on global issues of common concern.”

The three regional projects incorporate West Asia and North Africa, which intends to decolonise narratives surrounding this locale; Europe, which tries to investigate the subject of public sovereignty versus multilateral cooperation in the European Union; North and South America, which places concentration to concentrate on how foundations in that piece of the world are being overloaded by racial disparity, captivated political parties and gun violence.

Its three thematic projects incorporate Diplomacy and Global Governance, which plans to concentrate on the interruption of diplomacy considering the changing idea of global issues; Gender Equality, which investigates the subtleties behind the difficulties that ladies actually face all throughout the planet today; and Climate Change, which examinations feasible transformation and strength models drawn from various areas.

Applicants can present their proposed subjects and publications through the institute’s website (www.fikerinstitute.org)

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