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Keep the covid away: Dubai Eid Al Fitr prayer rules clarified

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The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai (IACAD) has explained the rules for performing Eid Al Fitr prayers pointed toward shielding the local area from COVID-19.

The Department said prayer halls will open 15 minutes before Eid Al Fitr prayers and close following prayers are finished. The Eid prayers, including the lesson, will be held for a span of 15 minutes. Ladies’ prayer halls will stay shut until additional notification.

Eid prayers will start at 5:52 am in Dubai. Admirers are encouraged not to swarm at the passage and leave points of mosques and abstain from social affair when Eid prayers.

IACAD focused on the significance of holding fast to all careful steps illustrated by specialists before, including wearing of face masks, keeping up physical distancing and staying away from physical good tidings like handshakes. The preventive rules gave before for Taraweeh prayers will keep on being upheld to guarantee public security.

The general population can discover the names of the Musallah Al Eid prayer halls by visiting the office’s site www.iacad.gov.ae or the office’s web-based media platforms.

The Department stretched out its true wishes to the UAE administration and individuals, just as all Arab and Islamic nations on the event of Eid Al Fitr.


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