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MBRSC Dubai to start building ‘most advanced’ satellite MBZ-SAT which is scheduled to launch in 2023

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The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) on Tuesday declared that it has finished the critical plan audit of MBZ-SAT, the most progressive satellite in the district in the field of high-resolution imagery.

The Dubai-based group will presently start arrangements to create and fabricate the flight model of MBZ-SAT which is planned to launch in 2023.

The critical design review (CDR) is the last multi-disciplined technical survey to guarantee that the satellite can continue into fabrication, demonstration, and test and can meet stated performance requirements within cost, schedule, and risk.

The last satellite design weighs over 800kg and is one of the biggest and most progressive satellites to be developed in the UAE.

MBZ-SAT has been essential in supporting the local space industry, with 90% of the mechanical construction and 50 percent of the electronic modules being implicit the UAE.

MBRSC said it has actively engaged in with local companies with an end goal to assemble a nearby center point for space-related producers. It has likewise joined forces with local companies to manufacture and supply the components of MBZ-SAT.

Salem AlMarri, director general, MBRSC said: “The successful fruition of the basic audit plan of the MBZ-SAT, stamps one more achievement in our excursion towards the dispatch of the most exceptional satellite from the region in 2023.

“We will now focus on the next stages of the mission, which promises to be yet another leap forward for the UAE’s space ambitions.”

MBZ-SAT, which is the second Emirati satellite to be built by a team of Emirati engineers later the KhalifaSat, will be furnished with an automated system for arranging images round-the-clock, ensuring that it provides the highest quality standards of satellite images intended for commercial use around the world.

The satellite will further develop picture catch goal by beyond twofold contrasted with the previously launched system. It will likewise build the downlink data transmission speed by threefold the current limit.

The completely automated image booking and handling arrangement of MBZ-SAT can likewise create in excess of multiple times the pictures the centre produces currently.

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