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New Hindu temple in Dubai: The temple administration plans to open next year

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The new Hindu temple coming up in Dubai’s Jebel Ali region is quick coming to fruition with the main structure of the structure now up, a year after its notable service on August 29, 2020.

The temple management has delivered a period slip by video that shows the development progress up until this point.

Situated close to the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara in Jebel Ali, the temple is an expansion of the Sindhi Guru Darbar in Bur Dubai, as indicated by the Community Development Authority (CDA) of Dubai.

This temple is notwithstanding the BAPS Hindu Mandir, the primary traditional Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi, coming up in Abu Mureikha region.

Addressing media, Raju Shroff, one of the trustees of the Dubai Hindu temple, on Wednesday said the greater part of the development work is currently finished.

“We are very nearly 50-52 percent complete right now. The structure is up and prepared. What is left currently is the completing work,” he said.

The temple will assist lovers with offering supplications to different Hindu gods.

“We will have 15 Hindu gods and the Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred book of Sikhs. We have effectively positioned orders for the symbols. They will be coming in soon from India,” said Shroff.

“We are a multi-confidence Hindu temple and we need to consolidate all significant divinities venerated by different Hindu groups. Everybody will actually want to visit the temple.”

The supplication lobby will be 5,000sqft with a gigantic vault in the middle with 14m distance across.

A monster skylight from which enormous enhancing ringers will be suspended in the supplication lobby will be another feature.

An outside terrace to do various customs is additionally being masterminded.

On the ground level, a feast corridor and multipurpose rooms to hold wedding functions and other local area activities and occasions are being prepared.

“We have the public venue on the ground floor and the supplication corridor on the primary floor,” said Shroff.

The complete developed region will be 82,000 sqft containing two storm cellars, the ground floor and the principal floor, he affirmed.

“Kalash (pinnacle of the spire), which assumes a major part in the temple structure, is in metal brilliant shading and it is likewise coming from India,” he said.

When the development is finished, the Kalash can be seen sparkling even from Sheik Zayed Road.

With the development being on target notwithstanding the difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the temple management is on time to open it by Dussehra celebration one year from now, only in front of the biggest Hindu celebration Diwali, otherwise called the Festival of Lights.

While the Abu Dhabi temple is being worked with hand-carved pink sandstones, the Dubai temple has picked not to follow the traditional design and architecture.

“Our own is certifiably not a conventional temple. This is leaned towards the advanced temple structure, consolidating a ton of components of the Arabian architecture outside. It will be a contemporary looking temple since we are in Dubai, which is youthful and dynamic and we need to fuse the ethos of Dubai. We need to show a mixture of design that fits the Arabian culture,” said Shroff.

He said there will be no strict undertones outside the temple.

“We will just have Hindu geometrical designs that signify peace and congruity. The point of the temple is likewise to advance peace and congruity,” added Shroff.


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