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New measures will be taken to prevent crime: Dubai Police

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A worker at a Dubai-based organization was halted by Dubai Police for conveying more than Dh1 million in a plastic bag and riding a bicycle, an authority said.

As indicated by Brigadier Tarik Tahlak, director of Naif Police Station, the representative left the bank with the cash and was riding a bicycle to get back to the organization premises, making himself an obvious objective.

“It is a weird conduct for a bank client not to get this measure of cash via conveying the cash in a plastic bag. He was called to the police headquarters for mocking cash transport methods,” said Brig Tahlak.

In an occupied and business area like Naif with numerous banks, trade houses and shops, Dubai Police have ventured forward to forestall thefts and pickpocketing. Close by pursuing criminals, Dubai Police started focusing on likely victims as a robbery anticipation procedure around there. “We have taken new measures in wrongdoing counteraction around there. We are focusing on the crooks as well as the victims as the greater part of the violations are taking from bank clients and pickpocketing,” he added.

Brig Tahlak said that group works in the area acquired significant involvement with spotting likely victims to contact them before the cheats. “Organizations ought to have at any rate two representatives to pull out and transport cash from banks. It is critical to utilize a vehicle for transportation — not strolling or utilizing a bicycle regardless of whether it is a brief distance.”

The new methodology has diminished the quantity of pickpocketing episodes in Naif area by 87%. As per Dubai Police, the wrongdoing dropped from 57 pickpocketing cases in 2018 to 31 cases in 2019.

A year ago saw seven occurrences and two in the initial three months of this current year. “It’s a proactive methodology to diminish pickpocketing and burglaries dependent on distinguishing possible victims, particularly the individuals who convey unstable enormous amounts of money,” said Brig Tahlak.

As per Brig Tahlak, a field study by the Criminal Data Analysis Center at Dubai Police uncovered that hoodlums works in a groups of a few individuals and target more seasoned victims to try not to be pursued by them.

The study recognized three robbery situations rehashed more often than not. “Criminals utilized a strategy of spitting or showering a fluid on victims and impeding their direction at that point claiming to offer assistance. A third one that is seldom utilized includes cutting victims pockets utilizing a sharp edge,” said Brig Tahlak.


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