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Outdoor and shisha services still banned during Ramadan fasting in Dubai: authorities

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Dining regions in Dubai might not need to be separated in the daytime this Ramadan in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, outdoor dining and shisha services are as yet banned during the fasting hours, specialists have explained to Media.

had as of late declared that there is no requirement for an uncommon permit for restaurants to serve food during the fasting hours in Ramadan this year and furthermore left it to the diners to choose if they need the dining territories covered from general visibility, a move invited by the hospitality area. In any case, this had prompted disarray in regards to outdoor dining.

There are restaurants that serve food along the sea shores and on patios and furthermore numerous restaurants have outside seating. Questions were raised if these restaurants are permitted to serve food outside their walled premises — out in the open — during fasting hours in Ramadan.

Senior authorities at and Dubai Municipality have explained to Media that outdoor dining at restaurants keep on being banned during fasting hours in Ramadan. “Outdoor seating isn’t permitted during fasting hours. Conveyance of food can be proceeded obviously,” said Mohammed Ali Rashed Lootah, CEO of the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) area in Dubai Economy.

Restaurants are not permitted to show food outside their premises too. Be that as it may, it is as yet permitted to serve food outside the walled premises of the food foundations during fasting hours in remarkable cases.

Sultan Ali Al Taher, head of Food Inspection at the Food Safety Department in Dubai Municipality said dining is permitted in private sea shore territories if the food is served in the premises of the lodgings. “Restaurants in inns are permitted to serve food in outdoor seating regions.”

The authorities said examining individuals eating in open regions doesn’t go under the ward of both the specialists. “It isn’t the region investigators’ responsibility to check if individuals are having food in open regions during fasting hours. It is additionally not their obligation to see whether individuals are fasting or to ensure on the off chance that one should quick or not,” Al Taher added.

He said the shisha services in all business outlets have been banned during the day in Ramadan. “It isn’t permitted to serve shisha during the fasting hours at any foundation. It isn’t permitted even in inn restaurants,” he explained.

Shisha can be served solely after iftar and until 4am. According to the district’s Ramadan rule in Dubai diners, the last request for the day can be taken distinctly till 3am. This is material on account of shisha bistros additionally, Al Taher added.


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