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The campaigns reflect the high demand in the European Apple market

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Advancement of European apples as a feature of the campaign ‘Strength of taste, vitamins and tones – become more acquainted with the nature of apples from Europe’, enters the last, powerful stage, which is plentiful, among others, in exercises identified with B2B gatherings. In February this year, an exchange mission to Dubai occurred, during which specialists of the advancement program, agents of organizations related in the ‘Fruit Union’ Association, came to Dubai to meet with key merchants and delegates of UAE corporate store to introduce the current deals offer, keep up and fix current trade relations, and make another one.

The special campaign ‘The power of taste, vitamins and colours – become more acquainted with the nature of apples from Europe’ expects to advance European apples, increment their seriousness and utilization in the United Arab Emirates market and re-export markets from the UAE.

The trade mission kept going five days and during this time the organization figured out how to meet the main parts in the market. This was conceivable on account of the moderately great circumstance in Dubai identified with the predominant Covid-19 pandemic, which considered most gatherings (aside from a couple of special cases when organizations are prohibited from getting visitors and/or work distantly).

Its delegates met with leaders answerable for buying such organizations as Jaleel Holding, Rush Group, Montaza Fruit and Vegetable Trading, Altaf Hussein Trading, KAF Group, Ali Ghulami Vegetables, Al. Bakrawe, Prime in addition to Trading, Abu Seedo Trading, Simna International, Del Monte, Gholami and Abedi, Fruit Line Trading, LuLu Group and Farzana Trading. Colleagues were extremely intrigued by the offer and stressed that the market has high necessities in the field of European apples.


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