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The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai has set a new Guinness World Record

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The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) in Dubai has set another Guinness World Record as it circulated 49,000 food boxes with welcome cards on them. Put together, the cards made the biggest mosaic of its sort, shaping a tremendous UAE flag.

The activity was done in organization with food application Nefsy, which gathered gifts to buy the 49,000 food boxes that contained fundamental things like rice, wheat, oil, sugar, salt, water, and a hand sanitiser.

The UAE flag mosaic measured an astounding 498.33sqm and was made external the Dubai Police, Al Wasl, behind City Walk.

“IACAD has prevailing with regards to entering the Guinness Records Book for achieving one more sure change in the existences of the poor and those generally influenced by the pandemic,” said Dr Hamad Al Sheik Ahmed Al Shaibani, director-general of IACAD.

The online application food application Nefsy offers the public the chance to peruse UAE restaurants’ contributions, realizing that with each buy, a supper is given without paying any extra cash or requiring a money gift. The returns are dispensed to the Emirates Red Crescent, which is disseminating the suppers that will actually want to take care of in excess of 250,000 people for over 10 days.

Giving the activity an individual touch, every one of the collapsed welcome cards used to make the mosaic was remembered for each case. Inside each card was a two-word note: ‘Don’t stress’, telling families that they are in good company and they will be dealt with.

Khaled Diab, organizer of Nefsy, remarked: “We are excited to have broken a Guinness World Records title by making the biggest welcome card mosaic as a component of our achievement to take care of 49,000 families out of luck. It is absolutely the first and greatest flag of a decent purpose!

“Nefsy’s main goal is to help battle hunger worldwide and with Covid-19 having managed an overwhelming hit to the worldwide economy, numerous families have abandoned fundamental things like food and water, something which isn’t adequate nowadays.”

Al Shaibani said the activity “showed the profundity of community cohesion in the UAE”. He added: “IACAD consistently supports activities that advance the job of humanity, and attempts to persuade the community to broaden some assistance, which the previous year saw difficulties on numerous levels because of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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