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UAE reminds travelers to be aware of customs rules

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Wanting to visit the UAE? Or on the other hand even move to Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

Before you arrive there are a few things you should think, especially about what travellers are permitted to bring into the country – and fundamentally what they aren’t.

The Federal Customs Authority (FCA) has exacting customs methods set up to watch luggage, substances, products and money single amounts entering the UAE.

Furthermore, this week the FCA approached travellers to acquaint themselves with enactment so they don’t confront fines.

Anyway, what can go in the bag and what can’t?

Under GCC bound together customs law, allowed luggage incorporates film projection gadgets, radio and CD players, digital cameras, and TVs and comparing beneficiary (one of each).

Individual sports gear, convenient computers and printers, and medicine for individual use (furnished it conforms to pertinent guidelines) are additionally on the affirmed list.

Shopping for a companion or relative? Know that the estimation of blessings brought into the UAE by explorers ought not surpass Dhs3,000 ($817), while the quantity of cigarettes permitted to be moved is covered at 200 for every individual.

Travelers coming to or leaving the country should likewise uncover any currencies and valuable metals esteemed at more than Dhs60,000 ($16,340).

Disallowed and limited products incorporate narcotics, gambling tools and machines, nylon fishing nets, crude ivory, laser pens with red light bundle, fake money, strictly hostile or shameless drawings and stone models, just as paan substances, including betel leaves, among others.

The FCA has asked travelers to try not to convey luggage for another person’s benefit, and to consistently convey guaranteed remedy for medications.

Need to know more prior to voyaging? For additional subtleties, head to www.fca.gov.ae.


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