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UAE Students now can get their textbooks for free at a kiosk at Oasis Mall

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Students can get their school, school and university textbooks for nothing at a stand at Oasis Mall on Sheik Zayed Road just by showing their school ID cards

To lighten parents’ financial burden, Montserrat Martin, founder of BookHero, and shopping center authorities have stepped up and help by providing academic books for nothing.

“The school textbooks are frequently discarded disregarding the worth they offer,” said Martin.

Any understudy can either bring home four educational books for nothing or trade them for utilized textbooks.

“I accept that schooling ought to be free… furthermore, in the event that not free, it ought to be moderate,” said the Spanish expat.

“It won’t improve the general public, yet will likewise help in making a better economy,” she added.

Montserrat said that she needs to keep the fantasies of people alive. “People ought not lay down with a wrecked dream considering the financial challenges. This is a drive to provide minute assistance to people,”

The drive began with a free book trade in 2016 and this year, considering the pandemic, Montserrat and the shopping center authorities exceeded everyone’s expectations to help students.

Around 6,000 books are on the racks at a stand on the ground floor. Books can likewise be traded at a stockroom situated at the basement of the shopping center.

Indian expat Samina Tabassum was one among the rare sorts of people who got books for her daughter from here.

“Saving paper should be our need and it is accomplished here. There are exceptionally decent books here and a couple are helpful for my daughter,”

The deal isn’t just for the UAE-based students, yet in addition students visiting Dubai from abroad.

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