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Unlicensed donation campaigns may lead to exploitation of the community’s desire to do good

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More than 10 unlicensed raising money charity campaigns in Dubai were busted by specialists as of late.

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai (IACAD) on Monday emphasized that it is an unquestionable requirement for any sort of charity pledge drive to have a composed endorsement from the authority prior to continuing.

In the UAE, it is unlawful to fund-raise from the public, either for donations or charity, without looking for earlier endorsement from the equipped specialists, like the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments (GAIAE) at the government level or IACAD in the emirate of Dubai.

IACAD in an articulation said that it upholds raising support campaigns and beneficent exercises in Dubai to guarantee that donations arrive at the expected recipients.

It added that, to manage donations, the coordinators should hold fast to the arrangements of Article No. (3) of Decree No. (9) of 2015 in Dubai. As per this article, it is restricted to gather donations or permit them to be gathered in the emirate. In any event, reporting charity gift passes through visual or comprehensible methods or other media isn’t allowed without the division’s earlier composed endorsement.

Ahmed Darwish Al-Muhairi, executive director of the charitable work sector in IACAD, focused on that the way toward getting sorted out gathering pledges requires successful and clear deliberate endeavors. He noticed that in excess of 10 unlicensed beneficent campaigns were found in different districts of Dubai, in which the division reported all infringement through legal seizures.

He underscored that directing donations adds to the improvement of the local area and upgrades the way of life of altruistic work among its individuals.

“IACAD chips away at reporting the certify noble cause and supported magnanimous campaigns to which an individual can guide his donations to, by ensuring the presence of IACAD’s logo with the license number.”

Muhammad Musabbeh Dahi, director of charitable institutions department at IACAD, clarified that unlicensed gift campaigns can prompt misusing the local area’s longing to carry out beneficial things. This, he said, can lead a few individuals from the local area, because of their absence of information, to give to elements and individuals who don’t merit it.

Dahi focused on that IACAD is working as per the most noteworthy international guidelines to work with the methods for those wishing to arrange gift campaigns and magnanimous exercises and works constantly with all concerned specialists to guarantee that donations arrive at their recipients.


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