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Unprecedented lack of qualified drivers and support staff on school buses

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A few students across Dubai were left abandoned on Sunday morning as a lack of bus drivers put a spoke in the wheels of the school bus transport framework.

A few yellow buses assumed control over Dubai’s roads on Sunday morning, as students got back to full face to face learning from October 3. Nonetheless, not everything students could be obliged in the buses attributable to a lack of drivers.

“Anticipated energy today, yet tragically STS couldn’t organize a bus for many students at Gems Our Own English High School,” a disappointed parent composed on Twitter. “Mentioning @KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) to permit students to proceed with concentrates distantly up to that point.”

GEMS Education in an assertion to media, said: “Because of an exceptional lack of qualified drivers and care staff, we have lamentably not had the option to give our standard limit school transport activity for certain students who require this service at Our Own English High School, Dubai (OOD). We are endeavoring to determine this issue with our drawn out transport accomplice straightaway. Interim, we have presented staggered get as a prompt answer for ease clog and are in customary contact with all families influenced to keep them refreshed.”

Guardians were obviously educated with regards to something very similar in a letter half a month prior with a further correspondence sent in front of the school day.

On Sunday, remaining students got back to grounds learning after a long hole of one-and-a-half years as vis-à-vis classes continued in Dubai schools on August 29, for the new academic year/term.

STS Group, one of the greatest school bus administrators in Dubai, recognized the issue. Steve Burnell, managing director of School Transport Services, said: “Tragically, because of a lack of qualified drivers and care staff, we are at present incapable to give seats to all students who mentioned our service at GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai and a couple of different schools across Dubai.

“We alarmed the families influenced last seven day stretch of the issue and again spoke with them throughout the end of the week. Notwithstanding, many guardians experienced clog and long defers yesterday at OOD and we have worked with the school to determine the issues, with various measures including staggered get times from today for students who can’t utilize this bus right now. We desire to have the option to give seats to all students who require our service at the earliest opportunity, yet won’t think twice about our exclusive expectations on security, as we select and train new drivers. We will keep on illuminating families regarding all updates as the circumstance is settled and interim like their agreement and collaboration.

Transport organizations are scrambling to increase enlistment of school bus drivers as many had changed to different positions during the pandemic. Bus organizations across the UAE and worldwide are hurrying to fill empty driver positions as schools continue ordinary to approach typical activities.

All partners are endeavoring to protect the students from the lack’s impacts with an everyone ready and available methodology. Schools and transport organizations say that while they are sloping up endeavors to resolve the issue, recruiting of school bus drivers requires consistence with compelling degrees of service records, unwavering quality, suitable preparing and affirmations, other than adherence to other specified guidelines.

Students at this point don’t have the choice of distance learning except if they fall under one of the three special case classifications illustrated by the KHDA.

Just students with ongoing ailments can proceed with remote learning, yet they should give a clinical report expressing why they can’t go to school. Likewise, students who live in a family with high-hazard people who can’t be vaccinated are additionally absolved.

Moreover, anybody outside the nation and can’t return because of global travel limitations can likewise settle on distance learning, if they show important reports supporting something similar.


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