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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Weekly real estate transactions in Dubai reach Dh6 billion

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Dubai has recorded 1,592 real estate and properties transactions at the worth of Dh6 billion altogether during the week finishing September 30 2021, as indicated by Dubai Land Department (DLD).

The DLD week after week report said 73 plots were sold for Dh350.29 million, 1,080 apartments and villas were sold for Dh2.74 billion.

The best three transactions were a land in Al Thanayah Fourth sold for Dh59.5 million, trailed by a land that was sold for Dh32.86 million in Al Qusais First, and a land sold for Dh59.5 million in Al Thanayah Fourth in third spot.

Al Yufrah 3 recorded the most transactions during the current week by 17 deals transactions worth Dh15.66 million, trailed by Nad Al Shiba Third with 10 deals transactions worth Dh28.02 million, and Al Hebiah Third with 9 deals transactions worth Dh18 million in third spot.

The main three exchanges for apartments and villas were a loft was sold for Dh373 million in Marsa Dubai, an estate was second in the rundown sold for Dh264 million in Palm Jumeirah, and thirdly it was a manor sold for Dh257 million in Wadi Al Safa 5.

The amount of the measure of sold properties for the week was Dh2 billion, with the most elevated being a land in Me’Aisem First, sold for Dh205 million.

71 properties were allowed between first-degree family members worth Dh1 billion.


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