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with association of Lootah Group of Companies Holistic Healthcare Centre opens in Dubai

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The Lootah Group of Companies in association with Santhigiri Group from Kerala, India has launched UAE’s greatest holistic health place.

The group’s first venture in the healthcare area, Santhigiri Holistic Healthcare Center, is situated in the serene and curious environs of Motor City, Dubai.

With Ayurveda as the excellent method of treatment, the elite idea includes all major holistic specialties including Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation and others, all under one rooftop, thus, making it a one-of-its-sort place in the country.

The middle has redone treatments for a wide range of ailments concerning men, ladies, old, youngsters and babies. Besides, the variety of treatments and wellbeing treatments offered give fixes to a wide range of acute and chronic health issues in the most normal manner. Ayurveda treatment begins with an inward cleansing interaction, trailed by an extraordinary diet, natural cures, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation. Goals of treatment help the individual by killing pollutants, diminishing manifestations, expanding protection from sickness, decreasing concern, and expanding amicability throughout everyday life.

Visitors likewise will arrange altered Ayurvedic dosha centered bites, suppers and refreshments at the middle’s own, restrictive Ayurveda Cafe, while the wide range of Panchakarma treatments at the office assist with purging and restoration alongside wiping out poisons from the body; making a total equilibrium inside the whole self.

“Since this is our first healthcare trip as a differentiated group, it must be exceptional and remarkable. We would not like to be another “Me-as well” office and that is the reason the thought must be remarkable. Despite the fact that there are numerous independent places offering various specialties, our own is in fact the lone focus in the nation giving a particularly colossal scope of elective practices under one rooftop.

“Subsequent to encountering the advantages of the treatments myself during my visit to Santhigiri Ashram in Kerala, I was generally sure of bringing the heritage, experience and the practices of the framework to my nation,” remarked Ibrahim Saeed Ahmed Lootah, Chairman of the Lootah Group of Companies.

Besides, there is no question that the prominence of elective modalities is expanding hugely world over as an ever increasing number of individuals find out about its colossal advantages: no side-effects, its expense effectiveness, non-pharmaceutical techniques, normal and mending treatments, invulnerability boosting properties, no intrusive measures and huge good results as one feels more in charge.

“Our launch comes when there is a more noteworthy push from the UAE health experts on making elective medication mainstream. Essential health protection bundles currently covering elective medication are a distinct advantage for the business and will urge individuals to use the advantages of the recuperating idea of these practices in greater numbers, “added Lootah.

The specific Ayurvedic treatments at the center help patients with back pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, post paralytic spasm, sports injuries, treatment of joints and muscle problems, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, paralysis and several others.

Moreover, issues like pressure and anxiety, rest unsettling influences, migraine, neurological and psychological problems are additionally managed in the most holistic and normal manner.

Ladies searching for pre and post-natal consideration can profit with the select unwinding massages. Likewise, exceptional bundles for skin, eye care, hair care, weight reduction, detox and restoration are additionally accessible.

Santhigiri Holistic Health Center has 6 luxurious panchakarma rooms offering Ayurveda treatments, facials, massages, spa treatments, Thai massages, exclusive packages and much more. The center also has dedicated male and female sections. Every massage room is luxurious and includes an individual closet, a traditional steam chamber, shower area and a relaxation lounge, designed keeping the aesthetics and feel of the Santhigiri Resorts in India.

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