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with variety of features Municipality cleaners in Dubai get shaded trollies with fans

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Prepare to have your mind blown. Dubai Municipality cleaners have now been assigned shaded trollies with fans.

The trollies have a variety of features that oblige the requirements of the specialist for him to perform his duties while keeping him agreeable as well.

The trolley features a roof fitted with a clean solar energy fan and a canopy that protects from sunlight, especially in the summer, which contributes to providing excellent care for workers and ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for them. The trolley, characterised by an easy-to-move feature, has a capacity of 150 litres and contains two storages in which the worker can put all the cleaning equipment, instead of carrying them manually, in addition to collecting the waste and putting it in the places designated for it.

As a first stage, 25 trollies will be conveyed for the workers to use in cleaning and eliminating waste in Dubai.

The drive is in accordance with the objectives of Dubai Municipality to make Dubai the favored spot to live and work in each sector, while keeping up with feel and hygiene.

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