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wreckage of a sunken wooden ship weighing more than 90 tonnes has been recovered from Dubai Creek

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The leftovers of a submerged wooden ship weighing in excess of 90 tons were recovered in record time from the Dubai Creek, specialists have said.

Dubai Municipality, as a team with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Police, helped with recuperating the ship, which was a neglected floating café in the Rigga Al Buteen region.

Eng Abdulmajeed Saifaie, director of Waste Management Department at Dubai Municipality, said a group of 26 laborers, including six supervisors addressing every one of the gatherings, were engaged with the activity.

In the wake of deciding the area of the ship and the beginning date of the activity, Saifaie said the group initially shut off the area to lessen the spread of waste in the river. Then, at that point, they started the ship buoyancy measure by lifting the ship with monster cranes.

The ship was taken out to the sea billet and shipped to the recycling site from there on, he added.

The Dubai Voluntary Diving Team recovered the leftovers of the submerged ship utilizing cranes, open trucks, boats and different apparatuses, Saifaie said.


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